Systems of Accountability: Arts & Culture and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine - Wednesday, November 24 @ 5:45PM PT/8:45PM ET

Systems of Accountability: Arts & Culture and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

In this panel, we discuss the challenges that artists and cultural organizers face when navigating the Israeli Occupation in Palestine. We ask: What kinds of solidarity are permissible and productive, within the limits of current social justice narratives? What new forms of accountability can take shape while resisting engendering new forms of oppression?

We address artistic production as a form of cultural resistance and the multifaceted ways of adopting anti-oppressive mandates and implementing them within art centres and organizations.

Amanda Boulos
Amanda Boulos - moderator

Amanda is a visual artist and educator based in Tkaronto/Toronto. Engaging with national narratives from Palestine, Lebanon, and Canada, Boulos explores how oral histories undergo constant metamorphoses and take on different purposes and meanings

Lubna Taha
Lubna Taha - Panelist

Lubna is a Palestinian art writer, curator and a researcher in the field of Cultural Studies. For the last few years, she has been a contributor in several online Palestinian and Arab cultural platforms including Fusha, Ruman, and Ibraz. She has also been working as a visiting curator for Khalil Sakakini cultural center in Ramallah, Palestine

Sobhi al-Zobaidi
Sobhi al-Zobaidi - Panelist

Sobhi was born in Jerusalem in 1961, studied Economics at Birzeit University, Film Production and Cinema Studies at NYU. He started his artistic career at young age as dancer with Al-Funon Al-Sha’beyeh, actor with the theatre group Sanabel (BZU), then song writer where he co-wrote, with the late poet Hussein Barghuthi, the lyrics for the album “Death of the Prophet'' by Sabreen.

Toleen Touq
Toleen Touq - Panelist

Toleen is a curator, cultural producer and facilitator working between Toronto, Canada and Amman, Jordan. In Amman, she is co-founding director of Spring Sessions (2014-ongoing), a yearly residency program that brings together artists, researchers and cultural practitioners in a collaborative and experiential learning environment