#FreePalestine – accounts, background and media

MENA dedicates this page to signal our audiences in Vancouver and around the world the resistance movement in defence of East Jerusalem and Palestinian territory against Israeli settlers. We will maintain this page with updated resources and events happening online and in our city to understand and support those putting their bodies on the line by educating ourselves and gain a wider perspective of the struggles where we can.

We hope the following links will help some of our family in the Middle Eastern and North African diaspora orient themselves around the important discussions happening in this very tense moment, and pray with those who are losing their lives for simply existing in their own homes.

Other resources and links @ Toronto Palestinian Film Festival

Social media accounts

  • Mohammed El Kurd, Palestinian poet and activist from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, has emerged as an international witness of the violence and dispossession happening in his neighbourhood that launched the present resistance movement.
  • Eye on Palestine, independent news outlet sharing witness footage providing coverage on the ground.
  • Subhi Taha, Palestinian-American provideing up-to-date informational videos on the background of the occupation of Palestinian.
  • The Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy (Rabet) – an independent NGO based in Palestine.
  • Canada Palestine Association – an B.C.-based activist organization devoted to Palestine solidarity in the province and Canada.


  • Medical Aid for Palestinians has been providing emergency essential service to Gaza and the Occupied West Bank and is currently in critical need of resources and aid. 



  • Rabet's petition to Stop Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

Films, writing and other media

  • Free Films for a Free Palestine - Beginning Tuesday, May 18, Another Gaze's streaming platform makes an ongoing roster of films by Palestinian women available for free.
  • Retrospective and Talkback (Free on Eventive) of Palestinian director Elia Suleiman ouvre from May 21 to 30, with films touching on the occupation and daily life in Gaza, including 2002 Cannes Jury Award winning Divine Intervention.
    Gaza (Rent on Vimeo) – 2019 documentary showing daily life behind the walls of Gaza and screened at the 2019 MENA Film Festival.
  • Until The Last Drop: One Land, Two Realities (Free on YouTube)- 2020 documentary about land rights and settler colonialism in Palestinian land through farmlan access to water.