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The situation is changing fast on the ground in Kabul and across Afghanistan. With the complex web of political statesmanship and diplomatic rationalization for the chaos, the voices of those in the cities and towns, in their homes and on the tarmac of Kabul airport, risk being drowned out.

As has become our unfortunate practice during these periods of national and global crises, the MENA Film Festival team has attempted to do its small part to direct the course of the narrative back to those most affected and often last considered in the eyes of the international community: every-day Afghans. We have therefore assembled below a short and necessarily limited list of resources, background readings, petitions and fundraising pages which might help guide some of you as we all try to make sense of the tragedy. We will continue to revist and add to the documents as the situation unfolds.

Please connect with us in case we've overlooked anything and we will be happy to add it to the list:

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Social media accounts

  • No one left behind, a nonprofit aimed at ensuring the US State Department upholds its promise to foreign partners and allies who aid the military's overseas combat missions.
  • Middle East Matters, Middle East social advocacy group posting and sharing many resources from Afghan groups on the ground.
  • Mothers of Afghanistan, Advocacy group representing women and widows within the country.
  • WATAN Project, Afghan youth advocacy group.
  • Currently going on, MENA/SWANA visibility page currently focusing on Afghanistan.
  • Women for Afghan Women, Grassroots organization promoting women's rights and providing protection for women and children in Afghanistan.



  • Petition to ensure the safe evacuation of translators and assistants to the US mission in Afghanistan and their families
  • Petition to demand President Joe Biden to lift US's Afghan refugee intake caps 
  • Canadian template for contacting your MP for relief in Afghanistan 

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